Spring is the season of awakening. It provides us with the opportunity of a new beginning, to renew our inner forces and strengthen our bodies. During this fabulous time in our lives we can create a spring routine based on Ayurveda and European natural traditions to help our bodies to more easily adapt to the season of growth.

Spring routine for women over 50

Spring is a season of transition when nature wakes up to life, from cold to warm, from seclusion to life outdoors. Our bodies have to adapt to the changes and this time potentially with less estrogens due to perimenopause or menopause. Our bodies are trying to balance the new energy, they are looking for harmony. The natural medicine traditions offer solutions to help us have more energy, sleep better, feel happier, sexier, and be more productive.

According to Ayurveda, winter is dominated by the energy of kapha. This energy is heavy and it creates mucus and heaviness in our bodies. The cold weather and dry heat in our homes dries out the skin and makes us a little lethargic. Spring is the time to clean the body of the heaviness of kapha, renew our mind and bring “new” and growth into our lives, new energy, new ideas, new foods, new colors, new activities, new habits, and new flavors.

20 ideas for a new spring routine after 40

For the body

  1. Breathe, take deep breaths through the day, especially outdoors. Breathing cleanses our body.
  2. Try one nostril breathing. Gently cover the right nostril and breathe deeply with the left nostril, imagine how the air goes all the way to the tummy, hold for a few seconds and slowly release. Repeat with the other nostril and try to do 3 times. This helps to balance our body, releases stress and helps us to sleep better.
  3. Try to do some stretching exercises. It does not need to be complicated, just extend your arms, up, front, down and sides a few times a day and try to stretch your legs and feet.
  4. Morning exercise is always great. Try to sweat (real sweat) at least once a week. Try a new type of exercise.
  5. If possible try to walk in nature for a few minutes. If you can try to walk under the trees. Nature walking helps us absorb negative ions. In other words, it helps us eliminate radiation toxins. Our homes are full of radiation from all the electrical devices and Wi-Fi, these are positive ions. Touch the soil and hug the trees if you can.


  1. Lighten up. Invite spring vegetables and fruits into your diet.
  2. Try new recipes.
  3. Continue to use warming spices and herbs such as pepper, ginger, cayenne, cardamom, cloves etc. As the weather warms up we can start to use “colder” herbs and spices.
  4. Drink warm water with lemon through the day to aid digestion.
  5. Avoid fried foods. They are too warm for the season.
  6. As the weather warms up include more salads and smoothies.

Mind renewal

  1. Listen to a few songs from your high school years. This tricks the mind into feeling younger and it tells your body that it is younger.
  2. In your essential oil burner or diffuser, you can use a 50% mix of lemongrass and geranium to bring happiness to your environment. You may also try lavender to cleanse.
  3. Try affirmations and visualizations. Every time a negative thought comes to you mind, have a positive affirmation ready. For example: If the thought is “I am fat,” change it to “I am in harmony”, “I love my body”.
  4. Watch comedy, read funny stuff, and try to laugh every day.
spring care for women menopause and perimenopause

Pampering/healing ideas

  1. Add some nice herbal tea to your routine. One of my favorites for the season is lemon and ginger.
  2. Give yourself a daily massage for a week. For only 2 to 5 minutes. Just put some oil on your hands and lovingly massage your body with long strokes in direction to your heart. Start from your feet and keep going up until you reach your head. You will feel great.
  3. If you have sinus issues, try a saline solution bottle to rinse your sinuses.
  4. You can also do a sinus steam with lavender essential oil. This can be done with a face steamer or put water to boil over the stove and bring your face close so you can breathe the steam.
  5. Bring a new plant to your desk to clean the air

One more
Try dry brushing. During winter we accumulate toxins and dead cells; dry brushing helps eliminate both of them.

Photo by Sharon McCutcheon, Uby Yanes on Unsplash