Can you get a natural facelift with Nuface, the beauty gadget? I am very skeptical when it comes to beauty gadgets and products that promise amazing results, especially if they are expensive. About five years ago a blogger I used to follow had a post on how Nuface had helped her to keep her skin firm as she was losing weight. I was concerned about my face looking older and saggy, so after a lot or research I bought Nuface.

my experience with Nuface

At the time I bought Nuface, there was not enough information about it although it was being sold on QVC. Now it is loved by many bloggers and Youtubers and many women wonder if they have to buy it. Here is my honest review of Nuface after about five years of usage. I answer the question if Nuface can be a natural facelift.

What is Nuface?

Nuface is basically a small beauty device for home use that delivers micro currents to the skin. Some facts about micro-currents and Nuface:

  • Micro currents help improve skin condition as well as muscle tone.
  • They have been used for more than a century.
  • They were originally used to treat injured patients.
  • They have been used in professional beauty treatments for a long time and they are a staple before a red carpet appearance for many celebrities.
  • Micro-currents are sometime called “a natural facelift.”
  • Nuface is not as potent as the professional treatments, but it delivers great results.
  • Professional treatments give immediate visible results.
  • Nuface results are not drastic but they tend to improve with frequent use.
  • Nuface is FDA-cleared; very few beauty devices have this honor.

Is Nuface for you?

Nuface temporarily firms up the face and makes the skin look better (AKA your face looks lifted, more radiant and firmer). However, the results are temporary and subtle. For a short time you can get a small natural facelift.

Nuface will not make deep wrinkles disappear, the improvement will be minimum. People with deep wrinkles will benefit with Nuface and other devices, but the results are not going to be dramatic.

I think it works better for people who start to see sagging and fine wrinkles or expression lines. But in general Nuface does help me and other people and it worth the investment in time and money.

Using Nuface

Nuface requires diligence and time. It is not a onetime thing. If you want to see results (a natural facelift) and to sustain those results you need to follow the instructions.

Nuface does not require a lot of time, but for the first month, it is recommended to do it every day and it takes from 5 to 15 minutes depending on how it is used. There is a shorter and a longer protocol. After that, it can be used 1 to 3 times a week to maintain the natural facelift.

If you stop using Nuface, little by little you will notice a change on the firmness of the skin, because the Nuface effects will disappear. Some people compare the effects of Nuface to working out, is you stop working out the results go away little by little.

Is Nuface safe?

Nuface is mostly safe. However some people report problems, such as headaches, dizziness and palpitations. I have seen 2 Youtubers who needed to stop using it; these women have some heart health issues and Nuface increased palpitations for them. This happens to very few people. My experience has been great.

Most Nuface reviews are positive, but there are a few bad reviews, such as people who claim that Nuface gave them some wrinkles or caused broken capillaries. This has not been my experience and many Youtubers after 50 use the device, love it, and recommend it.

To buy Nuface or not?

Nuface is expensive, but if you can afford it, I think it is worthwhile. Of course it will only work if it is used as recommended. I am very happy with my Nuface, I think it has helped me have firmer skin I am not sure if to call it a natural facelift, but I can see the difference.

Which Nuface to buy?

Nuface has 2 choices for face use, the regular Nuface or Trinity, and the mini Nuface. The difference is size, the ability to plug in other attachments, and control on power level. The mini is smaller and cannot accommodate other attachments and only has one level.

The attachments for the Trinity are the Ele, which allows easy reach to certain areas of the face such as the lips corners, and browns (see picture). The other attachment is a red light therapy device. Both of them are sold separately or as a package with the Nuface Trinity. The cost is about $150 each. The package with the three of them is cheaper.

After much consideration, I decided not to buy the attachments. The Ele leaves lines on some people. The red light is too small and it takes too long, there are better options at lower prices. To use the Ele attachment requires more time and the results are similar to the ones from the original head.

How to use Nuface?

There are a lot of videos from the company. It is very easy and it requires a gel or water, so the machine can slide easily on skin.

I have tried a conductive gel, aloe vera gel and just water. All of them work; with water there is a little friction, so I prefer the aloe vera gel. Nuface sells its own gel, but I originally did not use it (although it came with the package) because I read many reviews that it has given pimples to some people. They have since reformulated the gel and it is working fine for most people. However I prefer to use a simple inexpensive aloe gel or plain water.

When using micro currents, it is important to have clean skin and not to apply oils. The oils interrupt the currents and the effects are minimal.

Where to buy Nuface?

The Nuface Trinity is not cheap and I think that is its only really negative point. It retails for $325.00, the mini is $199.00. However, Nuface goes on sale on flash sales sites on the Internet, such as Nordstrom flash sales site Hautelook and on Nordstrom itself during the sales twice a year. In Hautelook it costs less, but sometimes it cannot be returned and there is a shipping cost. During the Nordstrom annual sale, it costs about $100 less and in Hautelook about $150 to $125 dollars less than the original price. QVC also has frequent sales.

If you decide to buy, Google it to find the lowest price. Buy from a well known shop. There are fake Nuface being sold in Amazon and Ebay; an over 50 Youtuber had a bad experience with a fake machine bought in Ebay.

New technology and products

The ZIIP is another similar machine with nano currents instead of micro currents. ZIIP is also FDA approved. The technologies are similar and the results are also similar. People who have tried both devices think that the ZIIP is a little better. The ZIIP costs $499.00, and uses a more expensive gel and works with an app. I have not tried it yet and I am not sure if I want to spend 500 dollars with a device that is so similar to Nuface. Another device is the Myotone which costs about $250. The Myotone is not FDA cleared as the Nuface is. There are also some Nuface imitations from China, some work most don’t the price difference is big.

So that is my story with the Nuface and its natural facelift effects. If you have questions or comments please post below. If you like to see it in Amazon this is the link (affiliate) .

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