Hear What My Clients Say About Working with me

Sharing some stories.


Loren helped me get my life back. I had reached a point where I felt
like I didn’t know what to do. I was heavier than ever, had hot
flashes all the time, I didn’t have energy, and I was scared.  Loren
guided me to change my thinking and learn new habits, one at the time. Now I feel much better, my energy is back, my mojo is back, and I feel that I can continue this journey not only healthier than before, but also happier.

– Dora, Fort Lauderdale


Loren helped me find my self-motivation and self-confidence to embrace life during menopause. I appreciated her helping me make new habits, like exercise, healthier food choices, deep breathing, laughing, sleeping,  relaxation techniques and much more. I came to get rid of hot flashes and extra pounds, but I found more than that. Thank you for your encouragement and patience.

– Denia, Ontario


When I started this program I was under a lot of stress and it was affecting my overall health. I needed someone who understood both nutrition and life coaching during perimenopause.  It was helpful having someone unbiased to help me who prioritized by health goals. I learned how to control my weight and my wild mind and teach me highly
effective stress relieving strategies.

– Karla, Miami

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