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Alleviate your menopause or perimenopause symptoms by discovering what causes or aggravate them. Get this free tracker and you are on your way.  (because it is a printout, it is totally confidential, no one is getting your information to sell you something, it is yours). 

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4. If you start to avoid the triggers you will lower your symptoms

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Are you tired of feeling hot, moody, and uncomfortable during menopause or peri-menopause? We’ve got the solution for you! Our FREE Menopause Symptom Tracker. The tracker is a simple, yet powerful tool that helps you keep track of your symptoms and see what may be causing them. Just by discovering your trigger you can improve your quality of life. Sign up for free today and start feeling better!

Benefits of the Menopause Symptom Tracker:
– Get a clear picture of your symptoms over time
– See which lifestyle and mindset changes have the biggest impact
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P.S. I also offer a comprehensive Menopause Program. In this program you can learn which lifestyle and mindset changes can help you not only improve your menopause symptoms but also live your healthiest life.  Stay tuned for more information! or join the waitlist

About Me

Hi there! I’m Loren, and I’m passionate about helping women navigate the challenges of menopause. As a menopause, health and nutrition coach and personal trainer, I’ve seen firsthand how a healthy lifestyle and positive mindset can make a huge difference in managing menopause symptoms. I believe menopause is a special time in our lives and it is a time to grow and improve our health for the road ahead. 

My Story:
I understand first hand the challenges that menopause brings, I have gone thought them myself. I have seen friends, family and especially my clients struggle with menopause symptoms, I have seen the sweats, the moodiness, the tummy, the lack of energy and mental fog and many more. I also have seen how awareness is so empowering and how with the right coaching most menopause and perimenopause symptoms improve. Either is you are taking HRT or not my programs can help you recover your optimal health.          

Why I Started Xassy:
I started as I was going through the change and I found little help (you can read my whole health story here). I was inspired by my menopause coaching  teachers in the UK to start helping women online in addition to my offline practice.   

What I Offer:
I offer online programs to lower menopause and perimenopause symptoms with healthy lifestyle changes. My program BLISS in Menopause will available in a few weeks. It is the same program that gives great results to my offline clients. BLISS in Menopause is a 6 weeks programs that guides you in all the aspects that affect menopause and gives you simple easy to implement steps to improve you health. You can read more about it here       

If you have questions about the tracker or my programs you may contact me in Facebook